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invite. inform. express.

invite. inform. express.


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Paperkeet is a design and print studio based in Saint Louis, Missouri. We create all the paper products needed for the big moments in your life. All are designed to invite, to inform, and to express.


Most of what we do is 100% custom. The design itself does not affect the bottom line - what does is all the bells and whistles. Are you going with separates, a folding style, adding ribbon or a wax seal? Let us work together to design your #paperpretties to be as unique as you.


A major perk to custom work is that it is scalable to fit your budget. Our average suite, all pieces from the outer mailing envelope in, is $6. There is plenty below that, and plenty above. If your budget is known, please share that with us so that we may help steer your suite in that direction.

our fulfillment

There are no robots here, my friend. We design, print digitally, print raised ink, screenprint, letterpress, foil stamp, cut, assemble, embellish with crystals, wax seal, tie matter what, we are going to touch each one. Already have designs? or do you enjoy DIY? We are happy to do the rest for you.

our philosophy

Paperkeet is a woman-owned business, since 2009. We strive to make working with us easy, fun, and personal. We want you to LOVE what we create together. We take pride in what we do, and believe that everyone deserves their dream #paperpretties. Love is love.

invite. inform. express.


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invite. inform. express.


About the owner

Tori Sacco: owner/founder/designer of Paperkeet. Since the very first wedding invitation I ever created -- for a friend, over wine, in my living room -- my love for #paperpretties and business ownership has grown. I am a proud entrepreneur, a wife, a mother of two girls, semi-outdoorsy, lover of gift giving, and an avid baker of yummy treats. I do not take the opportunities that Paperkeet has afforded me for granted -- I am beyond lucky to work for myself, do what I love, and help people connect with each other. What more could I possibly ask for?