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I'm Tori Sacco, the owner/founder/designer of Paperkeet. I am a proud entrepreneur, a wife, and mother of two girls. I'm semi-outdoorsy, I LOVE gift-giving, and I love making something (usually baked) for a dinner party, and I love to host too! My home is often filled with family and friends, whether it's for Sunday brunch, Thursday night pot-lucks, birthdays, or holidays. I love creating traditions and consider a home filled with my favorite people to be a very happy one indeed.


Passionate About Paper
Pretties & Great Design


From the time one of my longest-known (did you see what I did there to avoid saying old?) friends got hitched, I knew custom paper pretties were what I wanted to design. In college I thought surely I'd end up in package design, and I feel like this is pretty darn close! Plus, my fall-back plan of accounting means (I think) that one of my strong suits is organizing information. For events such as weddings, this skill comes in real handy. 

Fun fact: A HUGE pet peeve of mine is when you see wedding invitations in TV shows and movies. You have probably never noticed, but now that you will, you'll see how BAD they are!


My Family

My husband, Dan, is seriously the most patient and supportive person on the planet. I could not do this without him. Among other things, he is Paperkeet's handyman and heavy things mover.

My first born daughter, Josephine, is scary smart. She not only made me a mom, but she teaches me something every day that I never knew I wanted to learn. She has a huge creative steak like me, but she got her curiosity for all things science from her dad.

My second daughter, Gwendolyn, is just now starting to really show her personality. Thank goodness, she is the most chill baby I've ever known. 


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